About Taking a Picture of Gohonzons

Q. Someone told me that we should not take pictures of Gohonzons. Could you explain why? A. Shortly after entering the priesthood, I wondered the same thing myself. I was told that taking pictures of the Gohonzon is rude, though … Read More

The Awakening of Your Buddha-Nature

Q. How do we deal with loved ones who don’t treat us well? A. Human relationships can be quite difficult at times. Despite this reality, HBS members often have the best of human relationships. When we chant the Odaimoku and … Read More

Beauty Comes First

Q. Should Odaimoku be pronounced Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō when I chant? A. No, you do not have to chant it this particular way. When you chant Odaimoku, you can pronounce it Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō. It will definitely be … Read More

About Pocket Gohonzons

Some time ago I received a query from Brazil about pocket Gohonzons, their shapes, and materials they can be made of, as well as qualifications required to draw and engrave a Gohonzon. So, I’ll just put all the answers here. … Read More

Purple in Buddhism

An HBS member in Brazil told me that the purple robes of our head priest are so cool and asked me why his robes are all purple. In HBS, the highest grade priests called Dai Sojo (Dai means “great,” and … Read More

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