What is the Lotus Sutra?

Since ancient times, the Lotus Sutra has been called “the king of sutras,” “the finest sutra,” or “the true teachings of Buddha.” It is the most popular Buddhist sutra and it is revered and worshiped widely around the world. Shakyamuni … Read More

What is Honmon Happon teaching?

Honmon Happon is the eight chapters from chapter 15 Emerging from the Earth 従地涌出品第十五 through chapter 22 Entrustment 嘱累品第二十二, of the Lotus Sutra. HBS regards Honmon Happon as the most important teaching out of the Lotus Sutra. The reason is … Read More

Kyōmu—Buddhist Priests of HBS

Buddhist priests of Honmon Butsuryū Shū 本門佛立宗 are called Kyōmu 教務. Kyō 教 in Kyōmu literally means “teaching” and Mu 務 means “attending to one’s work faithfully.” So, Kyōmu are priests who devote themselves to teaching people about the faith … Read More

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